Dashcam captures plane crash

Dashcams are starting to become some of the worlds best journalists, capturing things on film that never would have been otherwise. Usually they are great for capturing random acts of road rage, which can be fun, but every now and the the dashcam capture something truly spectacular, last April one filmed what looks like a meteor over Russia’s Murmansk and the year before that was the famous Chelyabinsk meteor.

Picture it, one minute you’re driving along in your second hand Citroen C5, next minute you’re capturing a shot that the likes of Steven Spielberg would get wet about. Today videos have hit the web from someones dashcam, which captures a plane crash. Obviously it is horrific, and so far 12 people are confirmed dead but it is probably one of the craziest videos you will ever see.

We aren’t sure why the music has been added here, but the video┬áitself is absolutely one of a kind and as more people start using dashcams who knows what we might see on film in the future, if we ever get footage of an alien abduction it will be from some Russian in a second hand Chevrolet Cruze.